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  • Vegetable-fat spread 60%
  • Vegetable-creamy spread 72.5% monolith
  • Vegetable-fat chocolate spread 62.5%

Spread is a vegetable analogue of butter, an emulsion fat product with a total fat mass fraction of at least 39%, having a plastic consistency, with a melting point of the fat phase not higher than 36 ° C, made from milk fat and (or) cream, and (or) butter and unmodified and (or) modified vegetable oils or only from unmodified and (or) modified vegetable oils and (or) milk fat substitutes, with or without the addition of food additives and other food ingredients.

The fatty component of the product combines both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The correct choice of fat compositions and their optimal combination with milk fat, a rational ratio of the fat component and milk plasma allow us to consider this product not as a substitute for butter, but as a product with an improved composition and desired properties. From the consumer's point of view, the spread can be viewed as an analogue of butter with a more balanced fatty acid composition.

A distinctive feature of the spread is its plastic, easily spreadable consistency. In addition, manufacturers are constantly improving the organoleptic characteristics of the product. When designing the fat phase, emphasis is placed on a modern approach that takes into account the importance of individual constituents of lipids in human nutrition.

Vegetable-fat spread 60%. Butter Analog
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Products: Vegetable - fat spread 60.0% Butter Analog buy price from manufacturer in Russia Characteristics: Fat Content (% ): 60 Place of Origin: Russian Federation Shelf Life: 180 days at - 20 to 0 °C Weight (kg): 180g Vegetable oils and fats, including modified ones, water, skimmed milk...
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Vegetable-fat spread 72.5% Monolith 20 kg. Analogue of butter without milk fat
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Products: Vegetable - fat spread 72.5% . Buy an analogue of butter without milk fat from a manufacturer in Russia. Characteristics: Fat (% ): 72.5 Place of origin: Russian Federation Shelf life: 180 days at temperatures from - 20 to 0 ° C. Weight (kg): 180g Vegetable oils and fats, including...
Group: Спреды